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What is Fabric?

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Microsoft Fabric offers an all-encompassing analytics solution, boasting a comprehensive suite of services covering data movement, data lakes, data engineering, data integration, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence. These capabilities are underpinned by a unified platform that ensures robust data security, governance, and compliance.

Say goodbye to the hassle of piecing together disparate analytics services from various vendors. Instead, opt for an integrated solution that is not only easy to connect and onboard but also straightforward to operate.

Centralize your data environment

Centralize your data environment

Create an open and lake-centric hub within your organization, facilitating data engineers in the seamless connection and curation of data from diverse sources. This approach eliminates data sprawl and enables the customization of views tailored to individual needs

Streamline AI model management

Streamline AI model management

Expedite your analytical processes by developing AI models on a unified foundation, without the need for data movement. This reduces the time data scientists require to deliver valuable insights.

Empower your entire workforce

Empower your entire workforce

Promote innovation across your organization by enabling every member to act upon insights derived from Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Teams.

Govern data organization-wide

Govern data organization-wide

Facilitate responsible data connection between individuals and data through an open and scalable solution. This empowers data stewards with enhanced control, thanks to built-in security, governance, and compliance features.

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Peter Dimaridis, AuctionsPlus

We have dealt with several people at SSW from a network tech helping us with a domain issue, to a couple of graphic designers and several programmers and they have ALL been first rate.
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Mark Pigram, Contracts Online

It was a pleasure to have you in the office again. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work and advice you provide.
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Peter McCurdy, PDS

Out of all the developers I have used in the past SSW provide the most complete solutions and best outcomes. Thanks for your attention to detail once again.

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SSW's Consulting Services have delivered best of breed Microsoft solutions for more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries. With 100 consultants in 4 countries, SSW's developers are some of the best in the business. We have many Microsoft Certifications, several MVPs, and a Microsoft Regional Director.

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